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Ontario Inn trees

Things to Do near Ontario, Oregon

The following locations dot the Oregon Trail in Malheur County and make for excellent tourist attractions. The Owyhee Dam forms Oregon’s longest lake at 53 miles long. The Paiute Indians were the initial settlers of Leslie Gulch and Succor Creek. The rock formations of Leslie Gulch came together from volcanic eruptions that date to 15 million years in the past. While lodging in Ontario, search for thunder eggs or geodes in the Succor Creek State Recreation Area, a rugged canyon just 30 minutes from the hotel. Here you can camp, hike, picnic or go rock hounding for the geodes this area is known for.

Historic Oregon Trail ruts can be viewed between Vale and Nyssa on Lytle Boulevard. Keeney Pass - an ideal location to take in the terrain that early pioneers passed through on their journey to what is now the Stone House. The Farewell Bend State Park served as a rest stop for travelers on the Oregon Trail whereas the Snake River was one of many rivers that served as an obstacle to pioneers, particularly at Three Island Crossing.

Be sure to take the time to see the Vale murals, located just 15 miles from our hotel. Over 20 gorgeous murals decorate the buildings of Vale, depicting the rich history of pioneers traversing the hazardous Oregon Trail.

The Rinehart Stone House Museum-- a site of historic significance is just 15 miles away. This old stone building served as a Pony Express station and as an inn for wagon travelers along the Oregon Trail in the 1800s.

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